Should you pay a deposit to the real estate agent?

Should you pay a deposit

Paying a deposit is an extremely important part of buying a property. So in this video I’m going to answer the most common questions clients ask when it comes to deposits: Will the buyer lose their deposit? Should you pay a deposit before exchange? Why is exchange so important? When is a contract exchanged? How […]

How To Sign NSW Property Contracts Electronically

How to sign contracts electronically

Here are the steps: Here are the steps to signing a Contract for Sale for a property in NSW: The contract you need to sign will be emailed to you. Click on REVIEW CONTRACT Click in the box that says, I AGREE TO USE ELECTRONIC RECORDS AND SIGNATURES Click on CONTINUE Scroll down the page […]

Will COVID-19 Impact NSW Conveyancing?

Covid and Conveyancing

I received a call from a client the other day asking:  What is our plan if we were hit with coronavirus? In the current circumstances that we’re all experiencing its probably not a bad question to ask.  So here’s what I told him : Our firm is already set up so you can do all […]

What’s the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?

What's the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common

When buying a property, one of the questions you will be asked is: “How do you want the property to be owned – joint tenancy or tenants in common?” Why are you asked this? Why does it matter? Let’s answer those questions first…… Why does it matter? When two or more people buy a property […]

NSW Pool and Spa Compliance Certificate Information [updated 2020]

Pool Compliance

New Pool Regulations for Properties being put on the Market New pool regulations have been created to help reduce the number of drownings in pools in NSW. It is now law that a property being sold with a pool or spa must have a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Non Compliance in the Contract […]

Do you need a Pest and Building Inspection?

Pest and Building Inspections

A Pest and Building Inspection is NOT compulsory but it is something most property solicitors and conveyancers recommend. The inspector is someone you will pay separately to your legal fees and the reason for this is your conveyancer will not review the report for you.  Your conveyancer will not usually see the property and therefore […]