Stamp Duty Calculator

If you do not qualify for a full NSW property buyers grant, you’ll have to budget for stamp duty.

You can easily calculate the amount using the NSW Office of State Revenue calculator.

Government Grants

Do you qualify for a First Owner Grant?

The NSW Government offers grants to First Home Buyers, second home and off -the-plan buyers. These grants can change at any time.  Take the time to understand your costs before making an offer on your next home.

For reliability purposes, we have a direct link to all the information relating to the current government grants.  It includes the first home buyer grant & can be found on the NSW Office of State Revenue Grants page.  Remember, from the 1st of July 2017, the grants will change again.

When is Stamp Duty Payable?

Stamp duty will be calculated by your solicitor or conveyancer.  The final decision on grants and amounts payable ultimately comes down to the Office of State Revenue.

Stamp Duty is paid at settlement or within 3 months of exchange, whichever is sooner.  Therefore, if you buy a property “off the plan” and it doesn’t register for 12 months, Revenue NSW will require payment within 3 months.

As the buyer, you must make sure they have enough funds available for the conveyancer or solicitor to pay the stamp duty.  All this will all be discussed with you before settlement.

If you are borrowing money from a bank or through a lender, please check with them there is enough money available for stamp duty.

How Do I Claim the Government Grant?

Should you be lucky enough to be eligible for a stamp duty exemption, we suggest you meniton this to your conveyancer or solicitor.  They will need to know as they will be the ones who will organise all the paperwork.

They will email or post to you the documents you will need to sign and return it to them so they may put your claim into Revenue NSW.